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No matter how much your penis are bent with the help of Penisal he will be correct. Keep reading, fix the problem forever!

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Curvature of the penis or Peyronie disease is common in men. Women are much more open than men, so about their sexual problems frequently speaks and writes, while men this problem keep to themselves, away from the public eye.

Curvature of the penis is not only a health problem, but also mental problem. This is one of the largest sexual disorders that really affects on the psyche of man. According to one estimate 5-23% of the male population in European countries have problems with curvature of the penis. Recent research in Germany has shown that 9.2% of the male population suffer from curvature of the penis, and this man aged 30-80 years. Peyronie's disease is most commonly develops in men in their thirties, but it is possible at all ages.

What is curvature of the penis?

It is a distortion of the penis to any side and is accompanied by a lot of pain. This distortion of the penis causes particular pain during erection, so it is almost impossible to have sex. Best Peyronie's disease treatment is with a traction device like Penisal, 100% natural.

Curvature of the penis is present almost everywhere in the world. In America it is present in 10% of men, in Europe 14%, Asia 5% and Australia 8% of men. Growth of fibrous plaques on the penis body causes Peyronie's disease. The blood does not come to all cells and penis become curved. Plaques appear where is the damaged body of the penis.

How did this happen? How penis becomes curved?

This damage can occur mainly during the erection of the penis. Usually it is then when the penis is erectile, big and strong, during sexual intercourse or masturbation, when man try to put the penis in the pants while the penis is erected. In this damaged cells does not flow the blood, so the penis during erection is curved. In some cases curved penis can be in relaxed mode, while in an erect state this curvature be even greater. The question that arises is: What is best Peyronie's disease treatment?

Painful erections may be an announcement for Peyronie disease - curvature of the penis. In the early stages of the disease, erectile does not have to be painful, but over time it will be, and sexual relations will be difficult, but in the later stages almost impossible. The best permanent penile curvature treatment is with device like Penisal, which work on "traction" principle.


Full price is 239.00 euro.
Order Penisal right away and get a discount of 60 euro!

Today's date is and the discount is valid only for the next 24 hours!
Price with discount is: 169,00 euro + 10 euro shipping & handing.

Some of the most common causes of Peyronie's disease:

There is not a major cause which causes the disease. Typically, this is an injury that causes a curvature of the penis. Peyronie's disease often occurs in men who suffer from diabetes or have high blood pressure. It was also noted that the Peyronie's disease is associated with other health complications as Dupuytren's disease, Ledderhose disease and Paget's disease. There is a genetic link to the disease and cannot be excluded that it is hereditary.


Some doctors believe that by Peyronie's disease is caused by a kind of autoimmune disease that develops in a man's body and attack cells in the penis.

Most doctors who deal with this problem believe that the injury is a major cause distorted penis. They believe that the plaques develop in the penis when an injury occurs due to the occurrence of internal bleeding. Most often it is bodily injury from hitting or bending.

In some cases, curvature of the penis is caused by genetics. It was recorded more cases to the several generations of men in the family have this problem, so they transferred to the offspring.

The penis can be bent and due to aging, if the man had a strong inflammatory process, and therefore reduce the elasticity of the penis. Due to such inflammation can cause permanent penile curvature.


At what age can lead to Peyronie's disease?

Curvature of the penis may occur gradually or suddenly, depending on the cause. Blaze damages on the body of the penis where appeared plaques in time can pull yourself and the penis will gradually corrected, while in hard cases, the man should act and solve the problem. Best treatment for penis curvature is with device like Penisal.

Curvature of the penis is one of the most common sexual disorder in the world. Moreover, it is known to cause other problems with erection. 80% of men with curved penis also having problems with erectile dysfunction, which is not good enough for normal sexual intercourse.

Full price is 239.00 euro.
Order Penisal right away and get a discount of 60 euro!

Today's date is and the discount is valid only for the next 24 hours!
Price with discount is: 169,00 euro + 10 euro shipping & handing.

The symptoms of Peyronie's disease:

Signs, symptoms and progression of the disease can vary from man to man. Some problems occur now, literally overnight, while others curvature occurs gradually. Long present of Peyronie's disease will increase agony and frustration and leads to a drop of self-esteem and depression.

As we write, there are two issues that cause curvature of the penis:


Painful erection

Due to the growth of fibrous plaques the penis becomes curved. Plaques appear in places where is the body of the penis damaged. When the penis becomes erectile, he bends and causes a lot of pain. The penis loses its flexibility and in this condition is difficult to sustain a normal erection and have satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction

Peyron is a doctor who has studied this problem, the disease was named after him. In his research, he is noted that the pain and inflammation over time can calm down, but curvature remains.

Because of these problems, many couples have unbearable physical and emotional pain. Some men are willing to suffer pain during intercourse, while most cannot stand, because the pain is too strong.

This type of impotence can only be solved with removing this fibrous plaque so blood can again normally circulate in the body of the penis.


If you recognize yourself in the above text, it is important to look for a solution as quickly as possible! It is important to start treatment of crooked penis as soon as possible, so the situation would not have deteriorated.

Fortunately, there are ways and techniques by which the curved penis or Peyronie's disease can be cured. There are several different techniques and treatments. Here are some of the most common:


From the start of curvature treatment doctors prescribe vitamins, which are strong antioxidants, such as vitamin E. It provides strong protection against fiboze. Research shows that the use of vitamin E can reduce curvature of the penis and help in removing plaque.

Over time, founded that vitamins are not enough, and that only with them is not possible to solve the problem. They are not harmful, so they are continuing to use them in therapy together with other medicines to remove Peyronie's disease. Oral medications in combination with vitamin E are very effective in the treatment of curvature in the early stages. This treatment is used initially, until the disease is advanced, when plaques start to show. Unfortunately, this therapy does not work in cases where the disease is advanced. Then doctors use other therapies.


If medicines do not bring results, then doctors seriously approach the disease and start with injections. These injections are injected directly into the cells of plaque which caused curvature of the penis. Before receiving these injections it is used local anesthesia, because receiving these injections is painful. A series of six injections are applied at least once in a week. Injections are effective and help to correct the penis, and the erection, no more paintful erections.

Injections are given very good results and reduce curvature of the penis. But ... this injections has some serious side effects, so the patient before receiving these injections acquainted with possible side effects, to decide whether to undergo the treatment or not. Substances that are injected into the body of the penis are known for being very harmful and cause side effects such as atrophy or death of functional cells.


Operation of the penis is the option that decides least the men. I think it is not necessary to explain why this is so. There are three surgical solutions to problems:

The first option: The plaques are surgically removed, and the body of the penis to renew tissue and skin that is taken from other parts of the body of the patient. This method helps the patient to recover the length or thickness of the penis. It is not uncommon that patients after the surgery penis lose sensation and erectile function of the penis.

Second option: Correcting the penis pinching or remove a healthy part of the body of the penis to the opposite side where there is a plaque. In this manner both sides of the penis equalizer, so that the penis become somewhat flat. In this method, patients are faced with a very low risk of erectile dysfunction or loss of feeling. The greatest danger behind this operation is to reduce the penis, which can be several centimeters shorter.

The third option: In this case, in the penis has installed a special device that will help the penis to get an erection more hardened. With this device, patients will have better erections. This device can be installed during operation of the penis, when the first or second operation has not brought the desired results.

Here I was briefly describing methods of treatment and correction of the penis. If you want to know more, see more information on the Internet. As you understand, the operation of the penis is not the best method as some think. In addition to being costly, will leave unwanted consequences too, and that is reducing the penis! Leave operation as a last option, when you haven't available other options.

Full price is 239.00 euro.
Order Penisal right away and get a discount of 60 euro!

Today's date is and the discount is valid only for the next 24 hours!
Price with discount is: 169,00 euro + 10 euro shipping & handing.

The best option for permanent curved dick treatment and remove Peyronie's disease is a method of Traction!

If we look at the past, we can see that people in history have discovered a natural method with which they are solving problems. Many ancient peoples and tribes used the method "Traction" (pulling power) in order to gradually transform their bodies. This method is used to make the parts of the body extend, amend or expand.

The most common was an increase the lips, ears, nose and expansion of its opening, and even extending or straightening the penis, neck or fingers. In doing so they did not know that the constant stimulation of pulling or stretching will stimulate the growth and spread of tissue cells. After such treatment growth or change is permanent.

Penisal is designed to gently and painlessly corrected and extended penis. The penis is placed in the device, the device is pushed to the body, and the head of the penis attached with a rubber band. On the left and right are screws for regulating stretching the penis. Penis need regular stretching every day for several months. With Penisal you will get permanent penile curvature treatment - you will fix the problem forever.

The natural reaction of the body will be to increase the number of cells in the body of the penis and the penis will be gradually corrected. Places where there are plaques, will gradually break down, and will create new tissue cells, so that the body of the penis again will be vascularized. With the device, you will receive detailed instructions on how to use it. Penisal is a therapeutic device which can be used by all men older than 18 years. Penisal device is a Peyronie disease natural treatment for permanent results.



Full price is 239.00 euro.
Order Penisal right away and get a discount of 60 euro!

Today's date is and the discount is valid only for the next 24 hours!
Price with discount is: 169,00 euro + 10 euro shipping & handing.

Penisal works by stretching, on the principle of traction. Just stretch the penis for several hours a day. To start it is enough two terms around 60 minutes, and then insert a few more terms. This is proved treatment for penis curvature The results remain permanent.

Today's medicine is still using the same techniques, but much more accurate and efficient in many areas.
Here are the most common of them:
- To create a new skin for grafting by gradually stretching tissue
- Expansion of the natural tissue for reconstructive surgery
- In the last twenty years for natural penis enlargement and its correction

Throughout these 19 years we have sold tens of thousands of traction devices. We have helped thousands of men to increase penis or straighten the penis. Currently Penisal is sales throughout all world and we receive daily experiences of satisfied customers.

If Penisal compare with other treatment of crooked penis, methods of traction give far better results than other methods. The most important thing is that there are no side effects and that your penis will not shorter like after surgery. All who choose to go to surgery, will need to use Penisal to put penis reduction to a minimum.

It is much better first to try Penisal and use it for several months, wait for the results and then decide what to do in future. With more than 80% of the patient's penis was corrected and did not have to go to surgery. This is permanent curved dick treatment.

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