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How Penisal work?

Penisal is a therapeutic device that you can use for penis enlargement, Peyronie disease - curvature of the penis and for erectile dysfunction problem - weak erection.

People throughout history have discovered ways to extend or expand certain parts of the body to enhance beauty, appearance or functionality. Many tribal peoples used the method "Traction" (pulling power) in order to gradually transform their bodies.

The most common was an increase in the lips, ears, nose and expansion of its opening, and even the extension of the penis, neck or fingers. In doing so they did not know that the constant stimulation pulling or stretching stimulates the growth and spread of tissue cells. After such treatment growth or change is permanent.

It is known that the human body has an innate ability to adapt to the physical impact from the side. When a body part expose to constant force, natural reaction of the body's will be that will create new tissue cells.

It's the same with the penis. When we use on him a constant force, this force will create a new cell tissue and the body of the penis will get on the thickness and length, ie, the penis will increase, correct if it was bent and improve erection, ie, eliminate erectile dysfunction.

This is the only non-operational method with can be achieved:
- Penis enlargement
- Penile curvatures treatment
- Solve the problem of erectile dysfunction

The treatment is painless and without side effects. Penisal is simple and painless device that is easy to use, easy to put on and take off from the penis. You're part of the job is to put it on the penis, and wear it every day. You can wear it anytime during the day, even under clothing.

The penis is composed of three erectile parts, two of cavernous parts and a spongue part.

Penisal works by stretching the ligaments that connect the penis from the pubic bone (logamentum suspensorium penis) and elastic fibers in the body of the penis.

With regular use of Penisal device you will stretch the penis. Gradual stretching will increase suspensory ligament and the cavernous body, and stretching the skin and loosen the connection layer of the cavernous body of the penis and thus to greater blood flow and to firmer and longer erections.

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