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What is the average penis size?
The average size of the penis until the erection varies depending on geographical location. In Asia, the average penis size is 8 to 10 cm, in Europe from 8 to 13cm, while the African population has longest penis and he is averaging 15 to 20cm, measured from the pubic bone to the top of the penis. This is the only correct measurement of the penis.

Can Penisal increase penis?
Yes, it can. The only successful inoperable method for penis enlargement is method of traction - stretching. It is no secret that the human body has an innate ability to adapt to any physical impact. When a certain part of the body exposed to the gentle but constant pressure, the cells around the target areas are divided and reproduce, creating new tissue.

The result is an increase in the target area, and in this case increases the volume and length of the penis. It is the only non-operational method to achieve penis enlargement. Therapy with Penisal is painless and without side effects.

Can Penisal straighten a curved penis?
Yes, it can. Constantly stretching will result with creating a new tissue cells in penis body, and in time penis will be corrected. The results will not come overnight, so you need to be diligent and regular in wearing this therapeutic device. When you achieve the desired results, they remain permanently.

Can Penisal improve weak erection or erectile dysfunction?
Yes, it can. This devices uses the principle of traction so he can help in alleviating erectile dysfunction. What is most important is that these devices are not drugs, and you cannot harm yourself. Research shows that devices such as Penisal can increase blood flow to the penis body.

When on the body of the penis constantly applies a controlled force we encourage the growth and spread of tissue cells. After a few months of use, the penis will get the length and thickness. In other words, will create new tissue cells, and this will stop erectile dysfunction, because the body of the penis will be more vascularized. In the body of the penis will be pumped large amounts of blood, so erections will be longer and harder.

Penis pumps or device based on traction technique?
The penis pump is a cylinder in which you should put the penis and you create a vacuum around the penis with which be aggressively pumping blood to the body of the penis. As the vacuum increases, the pressure in the blood vessels also increase which causes blood vessel damage.

Penis pumps can help in overcoming the temporary symptoms of impotence, but cannot extend the penis, heal Peyronie's disease (curvature of the penis) or solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. Another danger which is present at penis pumps is a ring wich is used for capturing the blood in the penis on violent way, which often causes permanent damage to the penis body and blood vessels shooting.

The effectiveness of penis pumps was explored urologists Dr. Kazem Azadzoi, Dr. Reza Hosseini and Dr. Farshid Alizadeh. They was doing a study on 37 men with penis length of less than 10 cm, and come to the conclusion that there is no significant change in the length of the penis after using the pump for a period of 6 months.

The efficacy of treatment vacuum is about 10%, while only 30% of patients were satisfied with the performance of pumps. The conclusion of their study is that pumps are not an effective method of extending or stretching the penis, or give psychological satisfaction for some users.

Das exercises help for increase penis size?
When we talk about the exercises, usually we think of weight lifting and the time spent in the gym. By regular training we will get increasing our muscles and we will become stronger. Unfortunately, this technique does not help in increasing the penis, because the penis is not a muscle. It consists of three erectile parts, two cavernous and one spongilog part. Since it is not a muscle, it is impossible to lengthen or thicken exercise.

Can the penis increase, correcting of the penis or solve the problem of erectile dysfunction be fixed by taking pills?
The word pills give a negative connotation. Almost every medication has side effects, so it can happen that the side effects of the pills are greater than the problems of curvature of the penis, small penis or erectile dysfunction.

The tablets can lead to long-lasting erections and better orgasms, increase the production of testosterone, which will increase sexual desire, but tablets are just a temporary solution. If you do decide to take some of these pills, consult with your doctor, so you will not disturb your health.

Who can use Penisal?
This device can use all man who want to increase the penis, to correct a curved penis or enhance an erection.

Can Penisal also use men who had penis surgery?
Men who underwent surgical operation of the penis due to Peyronie's disease suffer from the inevitable shortening of the penis, and this shortening can be a few centimeters! Advice to them: start using this therapeutic device soon as possible to avoid shortening of the penis!

What kind of devices can increase the penis, penis corrected, or solve problems with erection?
Only devices that work on the principle of traction (pulling power) give best results. The pumps do not work. Compared to similar devices, Penisal has advantages because it is easy to use, easy to put on and take off from the penis and do not corrupt.

How many years should have a man who wants to use Penisal?
The therapeutic tool is intended for all men older than 18 years. The upper limit does not exist. Why not younger than 18 years? Because the body is still growing and not all parts of the body sufficiently developed. The device can be used as soon as the body developed.

Is wearing Penisal annoying and painful?
Not. The device is easy to put on and easy to take off, so it is no problem to use it. Quickly put and quickly removed. Can be worn under trousers, but you should wear some pants that are loose and not tight to the body.

Is it safe wearing? Are there any contraindications?
This is not a drug, so there are no contraindications or adverse effects. The device should be used for several months, because the results come gradually, so you have complete control over the results. The device is not worn during erection and urination.

Is the result permanent?
Yes. Once achieved results remain permanent. You can influence on the results. When you achieve the desired result, stop using the device. This can be after a month, or after several months, depends from man to man as well as the size of the problem being solved.

Will there be increased only length?
No, the penis will be increased and the thickness. Why? Because only increase the penis or just bold penis led to an imbalance. The device operates both - in length and in width.

What if I get an erection while wearing the device?
It will not happen absolutely nothing, simply remove the device and put it back on after erection.

Will caring of this device help me with erectile dysfunction?
Yes, the erection will become longer and stronger, and that is the result of increased activity of cells which leads to better blood circulation in the penis.

Is there a certain time of wearing the device?
At the beginning, it is recommended to wear the device twice a day for 45-60 minutes. After a week or two, after the penis habituate to use device, you can throw a few more terms. The result depends only on the total number of hours of wear. The device should be worn several times a day for 45 - 60 min., not just once in a day. Example: should not wear once in a a day for a few hours. This is not good and not recommended. The body of the penis needs time to rest, so it is much better to insert a few terms, not have only one term of a few hours.

Can I wear the device for 24 hours to have faster results?
No, vacation is necessary to revive the cells, and wears the device only as directed.

Can I wear it while I'm at work?
Yes, if your work do not require excessive physical effort.

How to maintain Penisal?
The device is easy to maintain. To be clean and tidy, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth. Wash under the open tap is not recommended, so metal parts will not oxidize.

DISCLAIMER: It is possible that this device will not help to some men and will not bring the desired results. Like any other product...this one will not bring same results for all. The results are different from person to person.

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