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Here you can see some of the user experience with Penisal, real users who did not want to give us images to publish them on this website. Often the problem is also to get the user experience, because 99% of the users of this device want to be a 100% discretion!

For over a year I have problems with erection. As much as I am excited, my penis was not tough enough, so I had problems during the sex with the girl. When I was not tough enough, she could not reach orgasm. More she tried to come to a orgazam, my cock was softer. It often happened that she could not have an orgasm because of me. I could not tolerate this any more. I looked at the Internet for a solution. I found this device and I bought it. I wear it a month, and my erections started to improve. Sex is not so problematic for me like was before. All getting better. My erections become improving and I can see that my penis is a little extended. I think i will be again like before!
Nenad, Rijeka

I am 25 years old and my penis was slightly tilted to the left, around 30 degrees. Except that it was not nice to see, the curvature makes me a problem during sexual intercourse with a girl. I took Penisal, and after two months he's almost completely corrected. I will continue to wear it next two months.
Joseph, Osijek

I am using Penisal regularly for several months, and I began to notice results. My penis has grown considerably in length, and it's not the only thing that has grown. My self-esteem and sex drive are stronger!
I do not know if it's psychological or physical, but I want to have sex more often and can finish off more times than I used to do before. Before, every time I've been with my girlfriend, in the back of my mind was the desire that my penis should be bigger, but now I do not worry. I can not wait to see how my penis looks after six months!

I wear Penisal only two months and I notice a visible increase in the length and width of my penis. My girlfriend is thrilled with the change.
Zoran, Kragujevac

It's been four months that I use Penisal. My increase is slow, but i wear device regularly. I think I should to increase the number of hours of wearing each day. Before wearing the device my cock was 12.7 cm, and now it's 15.5 cm.
My goal is to achieve 17 cm, and I hope to achieve this length in the coming time.
Antonio, Zagreb

I used Penisal 12 months and achieved an increase in penis for 7 cm. I also increased my girth and erections are much more frequent and last longer. Now I am much more confident in myself and I enjoy sex like never before. Thank you very much.
Almir, Pristina

I admit I had some concerns before buying Penisal. I have long wanted to increase the penis and thought about surgery. I gave up from this idea because of the price of the operation. The operation was the enormous cost for me, and I gave up. Cost is not the only reason why I gave up. There are also possible complications due to surgery. Then I decided to find another solution.
I found Penisal, realizing that he would solve my question and discomfort. Penisal is lightweight, well-designed. After a few days, I got used to the feeling that i have this device on my penis. After four days, I hardly noticed i wearing him.
After a month I wore Penisal about 5-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. I was consistent and got excellent results. My self-confidence, sex drive and stamina are significantly increased as well as the size of my penis, around 3cm in 6 months of wear.
I have 44 years, I feel like I'm 24th I wish I knew about this device 20 years ago!
Mark, Arizona

Where's this device was my whole life? If I had it earlier, I would not be so ashamed of curved penis.
Vlado, Belgrade

I used Penisal device for my curved penis. My goal was to correct penis curvature caused by Peyronie's disease. I'm also getting penis enlargement, a nice side effect.
Zvonko, Zagreb

When I thought that my sex life coming to the end, I found the ad and order device. Fortunately, I decided to start using a Penisal. I'm happy because it really works.
Primoz, Ljubljana

After 4 months of use Penisal, I'm impressed with the result. My wife is also happy! When I started using the device, it was long 11cm in erect state and his girth was 10cm. After using Penisal my penis erect have 16.5cm, while its volume increased to 12cm. It is 6.5 cm longer in length and 2cm in volumes! This device is easy and comfortable to wear!
Goran, Sarajevo

I had a small penis and my girl often mocked me. She was not satisfied with my penis and she wanted to end our relationship. I was desperate and thought of everything. I accidentally saw your ad for Penisal. At first I was skeptical, but I decided to buy it. After 6 months of treatment, my life has changed, increased my penis and now no more humiliation and fear of sexual intercourse.
Bane, Nis

Thank you very much Penisal! I no longer worry so much about having a small penis, my penis is now 1cm higher and I feel that I have a much stronger erection. I wonder what will be after 6 months!
Arian, Ljubljana

I'm sporting man and have an average length of sexual organ. I am married and before a month I was told to my wife how my best friend has a big penis. Since then, our sexual relationship began less thick and my women began avoiding me. A few months later she left me and began to live with him. This was killed me emotionally and sexualy. A long time after that, I did not have sexual relations.
I bought your device and in the meantime I met a young girl. I have enjoy sex like never before, and she says she has never had better sex with other partners. Now I have a bigger penis, erections last much longer and sexual relations are more common.
Luka, Belgrade

How easy it seems to me all together now, when I realized what I was reached with Penisal within half a year. I just needed to encourage myself and I had to call.
Tone, Kranj

I wrote on the forums, looking for a solution, but what I found is that there are other men like me, who have a curved penis. My penis is slightly curved to the left. I see that others have this problem. I've heard for Penisal, so I decided to try it. For now all goes well and my penis is a little bit corrected. Results are already able to notice after a month of wear. I am satisfied. I continue with the therapy.
Igor, Novi Sad

I'm very pleased with Penisal. My sex life is back to where it belongs.
Mate, Zagreb

I had a deformed penis and already scheduled surgery. Quite by accident, I got your device. I need to thank you! My sexual organ is again right and I was avoid an operation. I admit, I was afraid of the surgery and what kind of complications can arise.
Nikola, Podgorica

I have 50 years, and the problem of erectile dysfunction. I will not go on operation, I'm too old, so I decided to buy some of the products that are offered by the Internet. I decided for Penisal because I looked at the videos in the man explains in detail how to use Penisal. Buy it. I have used it for 2 months. Erections have improved and my sex life. All is again as before ....
Joseph, Varazdin

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