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Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement

Although men do not talk about it and put things under the carpet, many people are suffering because the size of his penis is too small. A small penis can be a nightmare of every man and can leave consequences on confidence. Penis enlargement can change your life…Read more…

Peyronie's disease

Peyronie's disease

The curvature of the penis can cause a number of problems during intercourse. If your penis are curved or you have Peyronie's disease, then Penisal is the right device for you! Read more…

Erection problems

Erection problems

Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem that can undermine self-esteem and quality of life, both man and his girlfriend. More than one hundred million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction... Read more…

Advice center

Advice center

Advice center - regardless of the Problem, please contact our expert team for help. Free advice center.

Many men want to increase penis, straighten penis or improve an erection. The actual number of men seeking a solution for this problem is unknown, because men are ashamed of that. You've probably heard how an actress increase breast or lips, while never heard as an actor increased penis or correct him, so he has a little one, and he have big one. That's probably you didn't hear and you will not.

Anyone who has any of these problems with penis does not talk about it in public, because it is a shame, but there is no reason for that. Internet is a good place where you will find information for your problems and how to resolve it in your intimacy, far away from the curiosity of others. On this website I will give you a solution for penis enlargement, correction of penile and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Nowadays, men devote more time to her sexuality and the problems that are associated with it. On the Internet you can find various products that should help solve the problem you encounter. Unfortunately, not all products are good and will bring you the results you want. The good news is that today you have a chance to get a therapeutic device - Penisal, that can help you.*

Penisal device

Penisal is designed to gently and painlessly uses a "Traction" technique (pulling power). The penis is pulled through the device and the ring came to the body, while the part where is silicone rubber comes at the top of the penis. With this, the rubber Penisal is fixed to the glans and penis can consistently perform "traction" - stretching the penis. How much penis will be stretched can be controlled on the left and right side where are the screws, which you will use for controlled stretching.

When the penis gradually stretch, on him acts constant force and it is a natural reaction of the body to increase the number of cell tissue of the penis, which will result in increasing the penis, penis correcting and improving erection. In other words, creating new tissue of the penis, so the penis becomes thicker, longer and corrected if it has been distorted.*

We sell Penisal more than 19 years, and a lot of urologists, surgeons and andrologists recommended this therapeutic device to their patients worldwide. Most of our customers used the Penisal according to the prescribed therapy, and after a few months they are solving the problem!*

Throughout history, people have found ways to affect to own body in order to improve some parts of the body, mainly the beauty, functionality or appearance. Many tribal peoples used the method of "traction" to gradually transform their bodies. The most common was an increase in the lips, ears and nose, and even the extension of the penis, neck or fingers. In doing this they did not know that the constant stimulation pulling or stretching stimulates the growth and spread of tissue cells. After such treatment growth or change is permanent.

Traction principles

Penisal works by stretching, on the principle of traction. The results remain permanent. Today's medicine is still using the same techniques, but much more accurate and efficient in many areas.
Here are the most common of them:
- To create a new skin for grafting by gradually stretching tissue
- Expansion of the natural tissue for reconstructive surgery
- In the last twenty years for the extension and correction of the penis

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